Friday, April 1, 2011

GM Key Fob Fix

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A little back story is in order for this one. I'm a mechanic by trade and I love fixing electronics. Thats all you get for now! :) I'll fill you in little by little later on.

Today I had to run to Autozone to get a tool. I walked in the door and saw a customer standing next to an Autozone employee. The employee had just replaced the battery in her Buick key fob and was trying to test it with the RF (Radio Frequency) tester. There was no signal and I knew right away what the problem was. If you are unfortunate enough to own a Chevy, Buick, or Cadillac key fob then you have probably ran into this problem before.

Your remote stops working and you buy another battery but it STILL won't work. Well what options do you have left? Buy a new one... GM wants HOW MUCH for that tiny piece of plastic!? Yea I know... Ridiculous isn't it?

What you need to fix it:

Soldering Iron

Here's your fix:

Open the key fob

Remove the battery

Notice the metal piece that holds the battery. There are 3 circuit contacts. Typically one or two of the side contacts break. Sometimes all 3 break. These need to be repaired.

Prepare the area to be repaired.

You can clean it with rubbing alcohol but it isn't necessary.

Apply flux

Solder the joint back together

Replace the battery

Test your remote! You should be in working order now.

By the way I fixed that lady's remote right inside of autozone. My good deed for the day I suppose.

Until next time,

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